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Icon generation is a nice additional feature, but I use PaintCode primarily for code generation. Support for variables and simple calculations let you build complex controls with automatic code generation for use in your apps. As mentioned earlier, check out the tutorials PaintCode for Designers and PaintCode for Developers for more information. Developers building custom controls with Core Graphics or building dynamic graphics will find a lot of value in this tool.

Cons: Less powerful than Photoshop; workflow is different than Photoshop; fewer third-party add-ons than Photoshop. Once you download the trial, unzip the downloaded file and drag the Pixelmator. From the welcome window, click Open existing image…. Note the Fit Into dropdown has several convenient sizes such as iPhone, iPad, and iPad Air desktop, but keep the default of Custom in this case. Set the width to to match the width of our overlay image, and the height will automatically change to Click OK to resize the image:. This places the background image on top of the overlay.

To fix this, drag the layer containing the overlay above the layer containing the background image:. To add text in Pixelmator, select the Type Tool. Use the text settings toolbar at the top of the window to set the text attributes: change the dropdown for the font to Open Sans , and set the font size to By default, Pixelmator centers text within the rectangle.

Drag out a text area at the bottom of the overlay; clear the default text and enter Such Tutorials Much Wow :. Now for the white outer stroke.

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Right-click on the text layer in the Layers window, then select Show Styles to bring up the Styles window for this layer. Change the Stroke setting from None to Color , then click the color icon and change the color from black to white by dragging the brightness slider all the way to the left.

You can close the color window at this point. To change the width of the stroke, drag the slider or type the value 3 in the field. Change the Style to Outside , since you want an outer stroke, not an inner stroke:. You can close the Styles window at this point.

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The layers window now shows a small fx next to the text layer; this indicates the text carries a style effect. It comes with support for resizing, cropping, painting, retouching, color correction and transforms. It also supports more advanced editing with layers, masks, and photo effects including blurring, sharpening and distortion. Pixelmator is a solid choice for just about any designer; it provides a lot of the power and functionality of Adobe Photoshop at a fraction of the price.

So why is it listed behind Photoshop, in spite of being a better choice for many? Read on to find out! Pros: The most powerful and most-used raster graphics editor; easy to find tutorials and guides online. Cons Steep learning curve; resource hog; recurring cost as long as you want to keep it around. However, there is a trial version of Photoshop availble for download as well. This is your indicator that Photoshop will preserve your image ratio. Enter a Width of pixels to match your desired final image width and the height will automatically adjust o Click OK to resize the image.

The overlay layer is currently hidden underneath your background layer. Drag the overlay layer above the background layer in the Layers list, like so:. Select the pasted layer and select the Move Tool. Hold down Shift to contrain your movements to right angles and degree angles, then click on the image and drag it upward. Now for the text.

Click on the Horizontal Text Tool. In the toolbar, change the Font to Open Sans Regular and enter 26 for the text size. Click near the bottom-left corner of the overlay and enter Such Tutorials Much Wow. To add the outer stroke to the text, double-click on an empty section of the text layer to open the Layer Style window. Check the Stroke option, set the Size to 3 px and the Position to Outside.

Click the black default color and drag the brightness slider all the way up upward to change the color to white. Click OK to save and apply these changes. Your finished image should look like the following:. Photoshop has a long history with the Mac and is one of the reasons Macs found a home with designers and artists.

Adobe long ago set the standard for graphics and design tools. New tools compare themselves to Adobe and even handle Adobe file formats. So then why is Photoshop number two on this list?

There are dozens of both free and paid icon editors out there, both web-based and desktop. Some offer very limited, task-focussed functionality and are perfect for small quick fixes. Other editors with a wider set of tools and they give you the freedom to author your icons exactly as you want them.

Icons for use in app and website UIs. Let's start with the web-based editors. As a general rule they don't offer as much functionality as their desktop counterparts, but execute their core task efficiently. Icons tend to be small files, so they're well-suited for manipulation within a browser. If you are looking for more advanced features, or perhaps larger, more complex icon sets, check the desktop apps for your OS. The first free icon editor we will look at is the web-based X-Icon editor. It runs in any browser above IE9 and it allows to create favicons for branding your browser address bar.

You can start with a blank canvas or import a jpg, gif, bmp, png, or an ico file, crop it as necessary and have your fav icon created in no time at all. X-Icon Editor doesn't offer much but it's fine if you want to create a nice fav icon in seconds. Free Icon Maker is another web-based editor.

It has more functionality than X-Icon Editor but still it's not Photoshop. You can use it to modify an existing icon, or start a new one from scratch. Same here, registered just to say thanks. Thanks for posting :.

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The only tool you will need to edit icons and cursors.

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