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Installation instructions are included. Loading configuration files in Dolphin is fortunately pretty simple. Humbly speaking, I think mine are a pretty great place to start.

How to: Import Gamecube Saves into Dolphin (PC)

V-Sync will reduce screen-tearing at the cost of some performance. Enable if you can handle that; otherwise leave it alone if it causes lag spikes in-game. Using Fullscreen will make your games automatically launch in Fullscreen. Internal Resolution corresponds to game resolution. I recommend starting at 2x Native as a baseline and moving up until you start seeing performance hitches.

Save data not writing, gamecube

This will have the biggest effect on your FPS. Anisotropic Filtering is pretty much free visual fidelity on PC. Set to 16x or 8x if that gives you performance problems. Ubershaders will add shader compilation to your initial game launches but will otherwise save you lag spikes in games that are prone to it, like Xenoblade or the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Post-Processing Effects will add post-processing to your images. Stereoscopy really only applies to those using 3D monitors or Virtual Reality headsets. Leave unchecked. Ignore Format Changes improves performance with minimal to no downsides.

This setting is fine in most cases but may need to be disabled on a per-game basis. Advanced enhancements involve using special codes and texture packs with your games in Dolphin to bring them to new heights. The following is an example on my own PC. I highly recommend watching this video, fullscreen, at p 60fps for the full experience.

New Dolphin Memory Card Maker

This will look much better when played in-game. Rendering and compression of this footage have somewhat compromised the visual fidelity of the footage above, but this should still give you a strong idea of just what can be done with Dolphin enhancements.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Last edited by Sercio; November 23rd, at Right region? Really odd, it should be working fine as it just simplifies the old hex editing method. I'll have it fixed up by tonight. Ahh, found the problem. GCI saves have some extra data tacked on the end which causes the savedata to be unreadable.

I've found a pattern and semi-fixed the issue, just going to do a little bit more testing. Last edited by cooliscool; November 23rd, at Edited my first post with a new version and some more information. Hello, I am quite new in this whole Emulator-World. And my Dolphin keeps flashing this one message, that says I can't play the game message later in my text, right now the introduction. So I have searched the internet for 2 weeks for the answer to my question, but little luck so far actually No Luck what so ever So Finnaly I found this forum what I should have been doing the first place and here I am..

And then comes the Error I think this question has a very easy and a simple answer but I hope some of you will take the time to answer it Many many Thanks! Press A or Start. ElektroDragon: I hate dying over and over. I don't learn from my mistakes. I couldn't play Dark Souls because of this.

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I bought the Bloodborne Collector's Edition. Like I said, I don't learn from my mistakes! Or is it possible to play without PS2?? So many questions so little answers I think. Last Jump to page:. Similar Threads Adding. Replies: 7 Last Post: June 18th, , PS2 Memory card format converter?

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