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This means you can look at and open files on the drive, but not modify or put new files on it. To fix this, you will need to install the Paragon Driver software which allows your Mac to write to the drive modify or put new files on the drive without limiting its Windows functionality. Once formatted you will be able to move data to the drive just as you would a flash drive. If you are looking to move your iPhoto, Photos, or iTunes library, please consult Apple support.

For formatting instructions, see these articles:. Apple Time Machine is automatic backup software built into the macOS. The best approach is to only use the drive for Time Machine and do not store additional data on the drive. For any additional support outside of what is provided, please consult Apple support.

If the drive is not formatted correctly the backup will fail with a message that the disk is not in Mac OS Extended Journaled , which is required. We have very limited troubleshooting options with the Apple Time Machine software. If a backup is failing, we suggest trying the following:. For more information on Time Machine see this Apple article. Current Backup Plus and GoFlex drives come with their sleep timer disabled to allow the computer to control when the drive goes to sleep.

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It was so worth it.. During the research and development phase , a suit being tested caught fire, injuring a technician and forcing a redesign on the regulator and circulation fan.

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