Flash drive format mac and windows

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How to Format a Flash Drive on a Mac - Demonstration

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Format USB Flash Drives to Work With Both Mac and Windows 7 – Colorvale

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Apple has started doing this when the Macbook Air arrived on the scene. There are two parts to this tutorial. One for Mac and the other for Windows 7.

Be careful using these instructions to ensure you are formatting the correct disk. It looks like the Apple smiley face. Click on Applications to open the Applications folder.

How to format a USB drive on a Mac

Double click on the Utilities folder. Doing this will delete all the data on the disk. Click on USB Disk. Click on the Erase tab. You only get 11 characters and spaces count as a character. A confirmation window will pop up. Click on the Erase Button. Unfortunately there is no confirmation that the computer is done formatting your USB flash drive. When you see this you can close the Disk Utility application. On my computer it displays as the G: Drive. If you accidently choose the wrong disk you will not be able to recover the data without special software or even a data recovery specialist, which can be extremely expensive.

Then do a right click with your mouse to pull up a menu.

Format Hard Drive in exFAT for both Mac & Windows PC

Click on Format. You can make this your client name or your company name. I picked JSP , no special characters allowed. This will speed up the process.

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Product Family. Todo Backup Advanced Server.

How to Format USB Flash Drive to FAT32 on Mac without Data Loss?

Refer to detailed steps of using both tools for FAT32 format. Formatting would erase data completely, make sure that you have a data backup. Otherwise, you can only use data recovery software to recover data from a formatted USB drive. Many computer users who use a removable flash drive have the demand for formatting it to the FAT32 file system.

Compare with the other commonly used NTFS file system on a flash drive, FAT32 has a compatibility advantage across many operating systems. So, if users anticipate using the flash drive with more than one operating system, they will definitely benefit from the FAT32 file system. To format USB to FAT32 with Disk Utility will erase all data on the flash drive, so before you doing so, please do remember to check whether you have saved useful data to another secure device in advance. Step 2. Step 4. Then click Erase. You can reuse it for saving data again. The command line behavior does the same way to erase data with the Disk Utility.

Again, create a backup before taking this action. Type :diskutil list and find out which disk is your USB drive.

How to Format a Drive for Mac & PC Compatibility

Wait for the process to complete. After this, you can type: diskutil list in command again to check if the formatting has been successful. If you're a Mac user, for example, it takes only a few clicks for the software to scan and display your formatted data.