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But is that how the message will appear in Outlook? Fortunately, Lokiware has developed a plug-in for Mail that fixes all these problems and more. The Attachment Tamer preferences pane will open with the Viewing tab.

macOS: Changing How Mail Saves Attachments

By default, most of the settings will be good to go, but you can still tweak them. Current page: Page 1. Future University. Page 1 of 2: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2.

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The Size of it Mail can sometimes take text and HTML attachments, or email messages attached to emails, and helpfully include them in the main message. Hi John, Thanks the sending part worked great but the person who is recieving my email is still getting attachments in open view format. Is there a way to send so that they receive my attachments in icon format? If anyone has different information, please post.

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Thanks a million. Thank you John! Your clear, easy to follow instructions saved the day! I entered the command into Terminal and it works for me when I am sending an email, but I would like to know if there is a setting for an email I received.

How to add attachments & files to emails in Apple Mail 2019 #TechTips with Jamie Gibbons

It is easier for me to select multiple attachments to click and drag if they are set to view as icon. Thank for these instructions. It is a lot cleaner when I am sending emails.

What Is a MIME?

There is no setting that I am aware of. I would Google for an answer, but be careful what you do in Terminal. This seems to be no longer true. View as icon is not visible in this list. When I right click it states none of the options you have listed, do you mind if I send you a screenshot? Hi Lev — This is an issue in High Sierra.

Hopefully it will be addressed in an update. As a writer of of many one-page manuscripts, I need to be sure that recipients are receiving icons. It is paramount that manuscripts not be viewed until the receiver often my publisher is in a frame of mind to read it — sneak peeks end badly before coffee. I want my one page pdf to appear as an icon on emails in mail for mac, so I used the command in Terminal suggested here. It works, recipients are receiving the pdf as an icon.

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  5. HOWEVER, when I send a copy of this same email to myself — for my records and peace of mind — the pdf is again embedded in the body rather than as an icon! This gives me no peace of mind and no way of knowing what the recipient received without asking them. Hi Jorie — Unfortunately the only information I could find is about an App called Attachment Tamer, but it looks as if development may have stalled indefinitely. If i hear of anything I will update this comment. Good luck. I am so grateful to you for giving me the correct solution to this issue and making the directions so simple!

    How to manage e-mails with attachments with Mac Mail?

    The client wanted a big file but my mb file leaving here arrived as 6mb. How can I stop the compression? So I assume they were sent that way instead of as icons. Why are my attachments always going to the bottom of my email aol on a Mac I used to be able to click on the text and insert the attachment there. I have trouble with Mac email.

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    I tried it by emailing scanned copies to my own email address using MacBook, it happens as well. Please help.

    How to Fix Mail Not Showing Attachments in Mac OS Sierra

    Hi Amanda — The only way i can really get you an answer is if you email the pdf to me — john noproblemmac. Thanks, that worked. By default, the Mail app on your Mac downloads all email attachments you receive to the computer, eventually taking some serious amounts of storage space. This article will show you how to delete old email attachments on your Mac and regain storage space in the process. It should be noted that this method is virtually risk free.