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I tried to power it with a power injector and would not function that I am using this to convert old home movies from a Sony handycam to digital. I used this for capturing the video and plugged the audio into my mic jack. I then used VLC to capture video and audio into one file. I was unable to get VLC to capture the video and audio from this device. Works fine for just video though.

Superb performance for an affordable price. I stream on twitch with this. I use it with PS4. I had a little trouble downloading the drivers but once I found the correct drivers it has been great. Also PS4 users don't forget to change your hdcp settings to unchecked.

15 Best Capture Cards in 2018 That You Can Buy

Wonderful job regardless of price. I write this from the perspective of someone completely new to video game capture which isn't much different from regular video capture. I was recommended the HD60 S model by a lot of gamers online, so my choice was easily made for me. I also got it because it records at one resolution setting of your choice while the HD60 can steam at one resolution while recording at another. It's pretty self-explanatory as to what cable goes where. Plug an HDMI cable from your See All Buying Options.

Currently unavailable. Software dated.

Best Capture Cards for Streaming PC Games, PlayStation, Wii U, and Xbox

It seems to work well as a capture device. The software included is several years old, however. I found a forum that mentioned the problem with Arcsoft Showbiz, and it posted a solution. Seems to have worked well since.

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I'd give it a 5 if it wasn't for the old included software. Probably best to get something more current anyway. If this review spares one person from making the similar mistake, I'll be glad. The cost of having that done is a bit off-putting, and you just have to leave off your old tapes or mail them with someone and hope they do a good job of it.

While the extra cables and such for audio output is annoying, it's flawless with the black syphon capture when I use this for Xbox One. I don't even use my TV to watch my game. My video output is p I have almost zero latency using it.

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I have also used this for Xbox , and while there is a hair of a choke, you have to change your resolution almost entirely because of the HDMI. I do have to say though, the Blackmagic has issues with party chat on Xbox One because of the privacy changes or something? I'm not entirely clear on that.

Grab one of the best capture cards available right now to make your stream shine

Narcogen Active Member Mar 2, Kearstin said:. Kearstin Member Mar 2, Narcogen said:.

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  6. As far as I know, the problem is with the Xbox One itself. It will send game chat to speakers so the Intensity can pick it up if you have it set to do that, but Party Chat currently goes to the headset only, even if you have it set for chat to go to speakers. I've heard a future dash update will address this. Keep in mind that it can only capture 30fps.

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    You can use the proprietary program from them, or if you use OBS, you would have to window capture it, and it tends to degrade the quality.. You can go that route.. OR just bootcamp your mac, so you can use OBS on windows since it can detect the Elgato as a capture device unlike the Mac version.. Do not buy el gato. The Thunderbolt Shuttle from Black Magic is by far the best choice. The Thunderbolt version of the card works better then the USB 3. I've tried up to 3 different cards with the same result, also installing different drivers.

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    Although it's still limited to p streaming and capture, the Ripsaw HD lets you experience your favorite games—while streaming or capturing—at 4K 60fps. This ought to appeal to PC gamers who want to share their gameplay online, but don't want to miss out on the top-notch visual fidelity ushered in by their expensive and powerful graphics cards.

    Even though it needs a high-end PC to get off the ground, this is an excellent piece of kit for those who are set on capturing gameplay at the highest resolution and frame rate possible. Oh, and one more thing: the best way to play while using this card is with a lag-free HDMI passthrough that shoots the feed to a 4K screen or second monitor.

    Best USB 3.0 4K Video Capture Card for OBS Studio & XSplit Broadcaster!

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